McClaren accepts the risky move didn’t work

Steve McClaren accepted that it was probably because of the move he made of replacing a playmaker with a forward when the Rangers were trailing by one goal that Hull was able to score another one and stretch their advantage to two goals and virtually ended the possibility of a Rangers’ victory.

The Rangers were taking on Hull at home and were desperate for a victory which didn’t seem to be visible anywhere in the distance when the scoreline was 2-1 in favor of Hull. An equalizer was the need of the hour and McClaren wanted to push for it. So he decided to change the formation and put in an extra player in the offensive line so that they could build pressure on the opposition defense, but as it turned out, they were caught on the counter attack and since they had one player less in the midfield, Hull were able to pierce through, resulting in another goal and the scoreline reaching 3-1 rather than 2-2. The margin eventually got reduced in the injury time with Freeman netting a second one for the hosts, but it was not enough to earn them any points.

According to McClaren, when you are in a situation like that where you are trailing, you have to opt for risky moves at times. When he made that move, he was well aware that it could backfire too, but he had no other option than to go for it. Attack is the only way to go in such situations.

“When you gamble – and we had to gamble – you can be on the wrong end of it.” McClaren was quoted saying by FOOTBALL PARADISE.

“We were always susceptible to that third goal. That’s what happens when you throw caution to the wind which we had to do.” McClaren added.

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