The manager of Queens Park Rangers, Harry Redknapp, has denied the fact that his players didn’t show enough hunger for points on the field in this season. According to the QPR manager, the team was lacking skills not desire.

After the match against Reading FC, Jose Bosingwa was seen laughing while coming off the ground and after that incident, people have been saying that the QPR players were not really concerned about the team’s performance and they didn’t try hard enough on the ground.

But, Redknapp doesn’t have the same opinion. When he was asked whether he thinks that his players didn’t give their 100% on the ground, he said, “No, I don’t think so. The boys tried hard in every game. It would not be right to say that the effort was not there. The main reason behind our relegation was that we were lacking skills. We didn’t have too many high quality players and that’s why, we were thrashed by the teams.”

“People have been saying that we had a balanced squad, but, we still couldn’t save ourselves from relegation. I don’t agree to them. I don’t think our squad was well balanced. We lacked quality and that’s the reason why we got relegated.”

QPR will put its goalkeeper Julio Cesar on sale in the pre season transfer window. Arsenal is believed to be interested in Cesar.

When asked about that, Redknapp said, “Well, Arsenal will be coming here in a couple of days’ time to play against us and if they want to sign Julio, then, Arsene Wenger will definitely talk to me about that.”

“Julio is a world class goalie. So, it’s obvious that the club which wants to buy him will have to pay a big amount.”
Cesar had signed for QPR at the start of this season.