QPR manager Mark Hughes has said that his club are currently too good to go down into the Championship.

Despite the arrival of former Manchester city manager Mark Hughes and a number of high profile players in the January transfer window, QPR are still struggling down near the bottom of the Premier league table.

There is a real chance that QPR will be the only club most of the trio promoted from the Championship last season to go straight back down. This is because both Norwich and Swansea are in a much comfortable position than QPR, who are in the 17 position in the table.

QPR will be welcoming Everton during this weekend. Speaking ahead of the match, QPR manager Mark Hughes has said that he is the only factor when it comes to picking the team and has dismissed any suggestion that QPR owner Tony Fernandes has a lot of say in the team picked during the weekend. The suggestions come after Tony Fernandes has overseen the various activities of the club in very much the similar fashion as Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich. Many still believe that it is Roman Abramovich who picks the team for Chelsea matches.

“I have heard of similar situations, but not all at one club. It is an incredible time that this club has come through. There has been a lot of change and turmoil at the club and that is something we are trying to take out of the equation. I would like to think that my staff and I are part of that and together we can make this happen,” QPR manager Mark Hughes said ahead of the match with Everton. QPR need to take maximum points from the match given that they will be facing the likes of Arsenal and Liverpool in their next five fixtures.